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Why University Of Pecs?
The University of Pécs with its 20 000 students, with more than 4500 international students, with 1400 lecturers and researchers, with its 10 faculties is one of the largest higher education institutions in Hungary and the centre of knowledge within the Transdanubian region. Its roots date back to 1367.

Nurturing Knowledge, Inspiring Diversity, Forging Futures

A Historic Legacy, Global Community, and Academic Excellence
  • Founded in 1367, the University of Pécs boasts a rich history, making it one of Hungary's oldest and most esteemed higher education institutions.
  • With an impressive enrollment of 20,000 students, the University of Pécs stands as one of Hungary's largest higher education institutions.
  • With a team of 1,400 dedicated lecturers and researchers, the university places a strong emphasis on academic expertise.
University Of Pecs

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Global Center of Learning

University of Pécs serves as a hub for academic excellence and intellectual growth.

Future Generations

University of Pécs is dedicated to preparing students for success in an ever-evolving world.

Diverse Academics

At the University of Pécs, students embark on a journey of diverse academic exploration through its ten faculties.

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