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With a rich legacy of 40 years, we have been at the forefront of connecting Indian students with the finest academic institutions in Ireland. While our journey began by serving Irish institutions, our vision extends far beyond. We are determined to broaden our horizons, forging global partnerships with localized agents and educational institutions to offer a world-class education experience to students from around the world.

Our Legacy

Meet the Chairman

Dr. Leo O’Brien

Meet Dr. Leo O'Brien, the visionary leader and Chairman of O'Brien Global. With a distinguished career spanning decades, Dr. O'Brien is a prominent figure in the field of international education and has been a driving force behind the company's growth and success.

Dr. O'Brien's commitment to the education sector is not only evident in his role as Chairman but also through his extensive contributions to the industry. His wealth of experience and profound knowledge has played a pivotal role in shaping the company's mission to provide world-class educational opportunities to students worldwide.

Under his guidance, the company thrives as a symbol of commitment, expertise, and unwavering dedication to the educational aspirations of students from around the world.


Meet the Team

Discover the faces behind O'Brien Global — a dedicated team committed to shaping your educational success. Meet our directors & consultant, all driven by a shared passion for guiding your journey to excellence.

Chris Roy

Managing Director
I'm here to make your Ireland dream a reality. Let's navigate, open doors, and achieve together!

Twinkle Josy

Chief Consultant
Let's chat about your dreams! I'm here to guide you to Ireland, where your ambitions flourish.

Charls Roy

Executive Director
Your Ireland adventure begins with me! Let's navigate the path to academic success together.
O'Brien Global

How We Work

Student-Centric Approach

Our approach is characterized by a holistic, student-centric perspective. We understand the unique challenges and aspirations of international students.

Trusted Guidance

Our experienced team provides comprehensive guidance, supporting students to study in Ireland until they graduate and enter in the professional world.

Empowering Students

At O'Brien Global, our goal is to empower our students to achieve their dreams and unlock their full potential in Ireland and beyond.nd meet the needs of every student.

Preparing Students to Achieve Success

Commitment to Success

At O'Brien Global, our commitment extends beyond the mere placement of students into colleges; it's about setting them on a path to success. Our primary focus is to match the right course with the right student, ensuring that each individual embarks on a transformative educational journey in Ireland.

Dedication to Student Welfare

Our dedication to student welfare goes beyond borders. Through our local partners, we provide pre-departure sessions to ease the transition from home to Ireland. Upon arrival, we ensure students are greeted at the airport and safely transported to their respective universities. Whether the college has arranged accommodation or not, we take care of it. We've pre-sourced accommodation options for our students, leaving no room for uncertainty.

Helping Students Integrate Seamlessly

To help students integrate seamlessly into the local culture and living conditions, we organize short courses. We also assist with practical matters, such as obtaining local SIM cards and securing temporary accommodation while students make arrangements for their long-term stay.

Get in Touch

We’re here to help! Send us your query via the form below or send us an email at for any issue you’re facing.

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