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UL is a modern centre of academic and professional studies, which, along with research in natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, technical sciences and medicine provides opportunities to acquire various types and levels of higher education to the residents of Latvia and other countries.

A Beacon of Academic Excellence and National Influence

Shaping Minds, Driving Research, and Inspiring Latvia's Future
  • The University of Latvia proudly holds the position as the leading and most influential higher education institution in Latvia.
  • Positioned as a modern center of academic and professional studies, the University of Latvia offers diverse opportunities for higher education in natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, technical sciences, and medicine.
  • The University of Latvia plays a crucial role in influencing public administration decision-making.
University Of Latvia

Student Support @ UL

Research Opportunities

The university offers students the chance to engage in meaningful research across more than 50 research areas.

Modern Infrastructure

Students at the University of Latvia benefit from a dynamic academic environment and state-of-the-art infrastructure

Innovative Future Campus

The ongoing evolution of the University of Latvia includes the development of the University of Latvia Academic Centre in Torņakalns

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