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South East Technological University is the first technological university in south east Ireland. This gives them an exciting platform to establish their community as a centre for innovation, opportunity, and growth.
Through exceptional learning and collaboration, they aim to transform the ambitions of learners, researchers, and businesses across the south east and beyond.

SETU's Global Community, EU Partnerships, and Inclusive Education

Fostering Perspectives, Cultivating Collaborations, and Welcoming Minds from Around the World.
  • Our community is proudly diverse. Our students and staff bring different perspectives and experiences to our discussions and our work and help to establish SETU as a place that can make a global impact.
  • We have built partnerships with 100 universities across the EU, including programmes for Erasmus exchange students.
  • We welcome applicants for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Our students come from both inside and outside the EU.
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Southern East Technical University

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Diverse Perspectives

SETU University stands out for its commitment to diversity, creating a dynamic academic atmosphere.

Global Connectivity

SETU's extensive network of partnerships with 100 universities across the European Union.

Open Doors to All

SETU University prides itself on being inclusive, welcoming applicants for undergraduate and postgraduate courses from both inside and outside the EU.

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