Permanent Residency in Ireland After Study

There are numerous reasons why international students prefer to study in Ireland, these include universities that are known for academic excellence, a wide range of courses, and an opportunity to work while studying. The enormous opportunities available to international students make it a popular choice for students to study in Ireland.

Besides this, many top companies in the pharmaceutical, agriculture, and technology sectors are present in Ireland, which provide multiple job opportunities to students who have completed their education here. They can stay back here after their studies on a post-study work visa. After working for a few years, they can apply for Irish PR. So permanent residency in Ireland after study is possible for international students. Let us look at this aspect in more detail, including the Ireland PR process.

How to Get PR in Ireland?

For foreign nationals to get permanent residency in Ireland, they have to stay in Ireland for at least five years. These five (5) years, the international candidates can stay in Ireland for various purposes like study, work, business, etc., and a few more. With the most welcoming Ireland permanent residency benefits of living in a beautiful city and having tax benefits on income, etc., attract international people from around the world.

For international students willing to get an Ireland PR after study, the details on how to get PR in Ireland are mentioned below:

Eligibility for Ireland Permanent Residency

There are many Ireland PR requirements. A few of the Ireland permanent residence requirements in terms of eligibility criteria are mentioned below: